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Finding motivation to take a trip is actually easy, for example I navigated through the web and discovered these photos really easy. They reminds me that I stopped traveling long time ago and I really need to take some time to complete my “things I want to do before I am 40” list. The pics I posted includes of course, some of the cities that I love and I have never visited before.

Old Rail Yard por bug944

Mini feeling: old por ArtMind etcetera

I don’t know about you but I love old towns. Brand new structures don’t have the same heart or charm.

Caves on Mars: Best Hope for finding extraterrestrial life on the planet

Torres del Paine, Chile por * hiro008

The search for extraterrestrial life by researchers and enthusiasts is always pretty exciting. The news released today about a number of caves found on Mars will not only interest scholars and enthusiasts, but many people are generally not on the search for life on other details involved planets.New returned by a satellite orbiting Mars show what such caves on the Earth’s surface appearance. In the pictures is seven spots near the equator of Mars can be seen. Scientists believe the pictures that it is quite possible that these bodies actually entrances to underground caves. The Mars Odyssey, such as satellites orbiting the earth, took the images of the Martian surface. The satellite uses a special technology called Thermal Emission Imaging System, or THEMIS short.Scientists for the study of the newly found cave paintings are named after family, they called: Abbey, Annie, Chloe, Dena, Jeanne, Nikki, and Wendy. For short, they were known as the Seven Sisters. ” The caves are in the vicinity of a very large volcano named Arisa Mons.Each cave is about the size of a football field. The smallest opening cave is 330 meters wide and the largest is 820 meters wide. The cave named Dena appears at about 430 feet to reach underground.The first researcher to the caves in the pictures, Glenn Cushing of Northern Arizona University announcement said: “Caves on Mars could become habitats for future explorers or could only structures that evidence of past or present microbial life. “The thirst for discovery of past or present life on Mars is related to several Mars projects. A project is currently focused on going THEMIS. The aim of the project is to improve THEMIS “visual and infrared techniques.” The same project is also working on the development of special robots to be used, could explore to places like the caves.All tests for this project had to be done here on earth. In an attempt to best simulate the conditions on Mars, scientists have worked in a number of locations. The project is called “Earth-Mars Cave Detection Program. For the first part of the project, the scientists developed their infrared technology and thermal imagined with a special detector that was flown over caves in New Mexico and Arizona. The second part of the project will carry out tests, which researchers call “Mars analog sites. These sites are mainly thought to represent the best a Martian environment. Earth locations that are used are the Mojave, Calif., Atacama, Chile desert and discovered on the freezing of the Antarctic environment and Iceland.The caves on Mars recently, are extremely important to the search for extraterrestrial life. It is possible that one of the best locations to discover evidence of life on Mars. At the recent Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Glenn Cushing and colleagues said: “We are suggesting that the seven black spots skylights area where the bottom surface in a chamber. Preserved evidence of past life on Mars could only have collapsed could found in caves, and such a discovery would be of unprecedented importance. “Sourceshttp: / / / / 160084http: / /

The Atacama Desert, Chile por hanneorla

Atacama Desert Tours

Electric Range Glass Cook Top Cleaner

The job search and career challenges that women face can be daunting, and for most people it is often a search that can lead to dead ends. Balancing career goals, seeks to pay commensurate with experience, can provide focus and fuel a thriving career in any industry can be a difficult combination to find. Perhaps the biggest challenge for women in today’s labor market is the ability to find a suitable job and wage structure. To get started, here’sa look at the top paying jobs in Wisconsin for women in different professions. Traditional occupations for women in this country belong Midwest secretaries, office managers, nurses, legal assistants, teachers and administrative health careers. However, turns out, the recent increase of women as entrepreneurs, self-employed entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and middle and high-level executives that women grow in Wisconsin many opportunities in their careers, despite the “glass ceiling”, we often attribute to working woman. This list represents the top 25 occupations average wage in 2004 in all professions in Wisconsin. Women can grow and give many of these industries and labor markets, and create a fulfilling life and career: Anesthesiologists $ 145.600 + Internists, General $ 145,600 + obstetricians and gynecologists $ 145.600 + Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons $ 145.600 $ 145.600 + + Orthodontists prosthodontists $ 145.600 USD 145.600 + psychiatrist + surgeon $ 145,600 $ 141,800 Chief Executives + physicians and surgeons, $ 139,600 Family and General Practitioners $ 136,200 Pediatricians, General $ $ 135.400 Airline Pilots, co-pilots and flight engineers $ 135,400 dentists, $ 122,400 Air Traffic Controller 102 400 astronomers $ 99,100 $ 99,000 Engineering Manager lawyers $ 97,400 $ 97,300 podiatrists judges, magistrates, judges and magistrates $ 97,300 Computer and Information Systems Manager $ 94,400 Marketing Manager $ 90,500 Natural Sciences Managers $ 90,100 $ 90,000 Petroleum Engineers Law teachers, postsecondary $ 89,000 source for salary information : America’s Career InfoNet 2006

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How to plan an inexpensive theme party birthday for young children

Secretaries can often be overworked, underpaid, and feel totally misunderstood. To keep your personal happiness and make them feel that their work is important, try to surprise them with mini-gifts periodically throughout the year. It need not be anything but incredibly expensive, just a quick way of saying “Thank you for putting up with me.” Here is a list of top 10 gifts under $ 10 for your desk: 1.) Boss flying toys - If you have a sense of humor you can buy your underling exasperated humorous this toy. It costs only $ 6.00 and will surely raise some laughs. This product comes with a plastic shooting device and four plastic figurines executive. Just a load of figures in the unit and toss the boss. This could be a perfect gift to show them your appreciation when they dealt with you on a particular day or week mad! Two.) Affirmation Ball - Also from this little number is a flight at only $ 8.00. It works like a Magic 8-Ball, but when they look into all the window knowing that returns a greeting Have fun like “you lost weight?” Or “You look marvelous “” It will definitely lift the spirits on a particularly difficult day.3.) Mouse Pad Wrist Support - The support for the mouse pad that I found on is a great way to let them know their Comfort is on your mind. It helps with ergonomic support and can also be heated or cooled for maximum comfort on the wrist strain. It is also an award for maximum comfort on your portfolio only $ 9.95.4.) Candy! - Everything from cookies to chocolate candy will do very well (unless of course this particular employee has a serious plan, of course!). You can pick up something from a local bakery that will do or try the gift wrap half-dozen This package is delivered to your perfectly cute secretary and contains only six witnesses to $ 9.95.5.) Mini Zen Garden - promoting peace and tranquility in purchasing a mini zen garden for your overworked employees. I found one which is very reasonable and many others are available on the web too! 6.) Day at the Beach Kit - You know all your employees dream a little, right? Well, rather than being in denial, encourage some healthy mind wandering with this gift Miniature versions of beach accessories are a perfect compliment reception, reminding your employees stressed that there is life outside the office. It is priced at $ 10.00 and comes packaged in a pretty box.7.) Flowers - Sure, some people do not like flowers, but if they do fresh flowers are always nice. I also found a beautiful carved wooden tulips in these for only $ 4.95. Three are in each set, all you have to do is buy an inexpensive vase and your employees will have flowers all year long.8.) Gift Mug - Everything from funny to inspirational cycling will case. You know your employee and find something that compliments their personality the best. You can also throw in some specialty coffees for price.9 reasonable.) Desktop Decision Dice - The gift of humor is a great way to add a little laughter in the office. A roll of the die allows your employees to decide whether to resign, take a tea break, a nap, and others. This item is reasonably priced and various other gifts can be found on the same website.10.) Time Off! - Sure, it may seem easy, but you know a lot of chaos that happens when your secretary is on vacation. You can then imagine how he would have them, you let them take a few hours of rest on a Friday afternoon, without penalty. Go ahead and save a few hours, I’m sure they deserve it!

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